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banglalink Covers All Districts with 3G Service

​banglalink has achieved the commercial expansion of 3G services to all of Bangladesh's 64 districts, the country's main administrative subdivisions.

To mark the achievement, banglalink organised a ceremony that took place in its Tiger's Den headquarters, hosted by banglalink CEO Ziad Shatara, who said:  "banglalink has always been at the forefront of telecommunication technology in Bangladesh. To render a better service, we have taken 3G to all 64 districts, reiterating our commitment to customers".

As part of its celebration, banglalink offered a bonus package of several free services for its customers.

The package included 64MB of free Facebook, 64MB of free WhatsApp, 64MB of free internet, 64 free on-network MMS messages (banglalink-banglalink), and 64 on-network SMS messages (banglalink-banglalink).  Customers chose to participate by sending an SMS message with a bonus code to banglalink from July 22nd through to the 24th. 

The site can be found at www.vimpelcom.com