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Investors can find answers to many frequently asked questions about VimpelCom in this section, as well as links to other resource areas of the website. If you cannot find the answer to your specific question here, please reach out to the investor relations team and we will be happy to assist you.

Where does VimpelCom operate?

What are VimpelCom’s brands?

What is the Company's strategy?

What are VimpelCom’s business units?

How was VimpelCom founded?

What is VimpelCom’s approach to corporate responsibility?

What is the Company's headquarters address and number?

What is the stock ticker for VimpelCom?

On what stock exchanges are VimpelCom shares traded?

How long has VimpelCom been listed on the NASDAQ?

Where can I find VimpelCom's current and historical share price?

Where can I get a copy of the latest financial results announced by VimpelCom?

How has VimpelCom’s financial performance trended in the last years?

How can I obtain a copy of VimpelCom’s annual report?

How can I stay updated on VimpelCom’s news and events?

When is VimpelCom’s next results announcement or investor event?

What is VimpelCom's fiscal year?

What is the difference between ADRs and ADSs?

What are the benefits of ADRs to US investors?

Does VimpelCom hold shareholder meetings?

What happens at the Annual General Meeting?

What if I cannot attend the Annual General Meeting?

Where can I find information on the latest Annual General Meeting?

What is VimpelCom’s shareholder structure?

What is the Company’s dividend policy?

Where can I find information about VimpelCom’s bonds?

Which equity and debt analysts cover VimpelCom?

Which firms are the auditor and bank of VimpelCom?

How do I get in touch with VimpelCom’s Investor Relations department?