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Jon Eddy 

Head of Emerging markets

VEON's Emerging markets business unit comprises three growing markets: Algeria, Pakistan and Bangladesh. 

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VEON’s Emerging Markets Business Unit comprises Three growing markets: Algeria, Pakistan and Bangladesh.


VEON’s Emerging Markets Business unit includes operating companies with #1 market leadership positions for Djezzy in Algeria and Jazz in Pakistan and a #2 position for Banglalink in Bangladesh. With their current low data penetration rates, young populations and extensive mobile coverage, all of the Emerging markets countries are poised for continued growth. The further expansion of 3G networks and the development of new 4G spectrum opportunities will provide the capacity required to meet the growing digital needs of each of these markets. The success of mobile financial services in Pakistan is opening up a new source of revenue while accelerating financial inclusion, and the expansion of monobrand shops and the introduction of low-cost, own-branded smartphones will accelerate data adoption. The explosive growth of social network usage in these countries demonstrates the potential appetite for self-care, e-commerce and new content partnerships.

*source: CIA Factbook, 2016 estimates *at population number.

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