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57.0 million
Mobile customers


2.2 million
Fixed-line broadband customers


Kjell Morten Johnsen

Kjell Morten Johnsen
CEO Russia and Head of Major markets

VEON’s Russia Business Unit is one of three leading operators in a mature Russian telecom market. In addition to mobile voice, VEON also enjoys a strong position in the fixed FTTB business. VEON operates in Russia under the “Beeline” brand, which as a result of our innovative marketing and brand awareness efforts, is among the most recognized brand names in Russia.

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Operational overview

Beeline, VEON's Russian operation, is one of the country's most recognized brands and is a top-three mobile operator in the country, serving individuals as well as small, medium and large companies.

Beeline provides integrated mobile and fixed-line telephony, data transmission, internet-based wired and wireless solutions, as well as innovative services such as mobile commerce. 

*source: CIA Factbook, 2016 estimates

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