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The internet waits for no one and is transforming industry after industry. It’s doing this at a pace that is ever accelerating and not just in the industrialized markets of the world. In 2007, the iPhone hadn’t seen the light of day. In 2009, no one had ordered a taxi yet using Uber.

The mobile industry has changed faster than any other in history. Those who adapted are thriving. Those slow to move are no more. Voice is in decline. Data is the rising star. And it’s driving every agenda. 

Therefore we are transforming ourselves into a new kind of business. 

There are six key strategic priorities as part of the program that focuses on three core elements:

  • We are finding new revenue streams and selectively consolidating a number of markets to ensure that VimpelCom is either #1 or a strong #2 in each of our markets
  • We are transforming the cost base by simplifying, digitalizing and reinventing business models, processes and systems
  • We are operating VimpelCom in line with world-class standards and addressing structural issues within the business.

We’re also building stronger positions in our key countries through consolidation, and sharpening our structure financially and organizationally.

Because the internet waits for no one – in an industry that will change forever.  We are positioning VimpelCom to constantly adapt and co-drive this change.

Towards The Digital Frontier

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